Saturday, January 7, 2012

"Tales of the City" series ebooks

The entire 8 volume "Tales of the City" series will be released at the end of this month in the US, the UK will be available soon!

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  1. Ooh! I'm so happy to know this so that i can tell all my friends. I was first introduced to your Tales series back in 1991 and immediately fell in love with the characters and the place. Your books are what inspired ME to write because your characters are so vividly wonderful. It felt as though they were sitting right next to me, telling me their story.

    I don't write in the same genre as you, but I'm now published with Harlequin Luna and it's in part thanks to you and your Tales of the City. Big hugs to you! :) You're one of my literary heroes. Mwah!

  2. Great news! Hope to see you in London UK soon Armistead

  3. It's march 2012. I just finished "Tales", "More Tales" & "Further Tales". I see several other titles but no Tales 4 "Babycakes" available on Kindle. I really don't want to order that one as a physical book & skip it on the Kindle. Anyone know if and when "Babycakes" will be available on Kindle?

    1. hmmm, that is strange, let me see if I can find something out about "Babycakes" from the Kindle store.

    2. I received the following reply from the Amazon Kindle Store:

      I'm sorry, some books aren't currently available in Kindle edition. The content in the Kindle Store is provided to us directly by the publishers or authors who own that content. They may choose not to include items in Kindle store. Your direct feedback to the publisher is helpful.

      You may see a link labeled "Please tell the publisher: I'd like to read this book on Kindle" directly below the product image on some book detail pages. The link labeled "I'd like to read this book on Kindle" simply lets publishers know Kindle users are interested in a digital version of printed books not yet available in the Kindle Store.

      If this option is not listed in website. Please contact the publisher directly and ask that they make their content available on Kindle.

      We will continue to work with publishers directly and ask that they make their content available on Kindle. We carry number of titles in the Kindle Store and work on expanding our selection daily.

      We value our customers feedback and hope to make Kindle book you requested to be available in the future. Your valuable feedback will help us to improve the selection and service we provide and we're glad you took time to write to us.

      We do value the feedback of our customers and make every attempt to integrate their comments or suggestions into our stores and procedures.

      Thanks for using Kindle.