Monday, March 7, 2011

Armistead Maupin Radio Interview

The acclaimed author Armistead Maupin, creator of the 'Tales of the City' series explains why he once hated his name, now loves it and declares that the rumour it's an anagram of "a man I dreamt up" is false!

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  1. Dear Mr Maupin

    I read today of the discrimination you and your partner experienced at a bar in Alice Springs. On behalf of my family, and every Australian I know well, I apologise for that disgraceful and ignorant behaviour.


    Jim Brooks

  2. Jim & Chris,
    I'm an American living in Alice Springs and I'll tell you, Australian humor is as bad as English humor. I'm not about to apologize for the Australian's but they can be rather "harsh" and sometimes "brutal" in words. A minority of Australians are raciest as you might have seen during your visit to Alice Springs. Overall, Australia has some grad view and and lovely people. Best regards, Anonymous

  3. I thought it was quite appropiate