Tuesday, April 28, 2009

Maupin's Blog

When Armistead released "Michael Tolliver Lives", he began blogging on his website. Those blogs are no longer listed, so I thought I would add them over the next couple of days. Unfortunately, I do not have the original dates of these articles, but will post them chronologically. (3 of 3).

In Denver at the Monaco, a hotel that gives you goldfish for your room. Always a little creeped out by that, however humanely they treat them. What those fish must see. Too bad they can’t write memoirs. Interview this morning in LA with Peter Boyles, a Denver radio institution I’ve known for years. He’s the guy — the straight guy — who broke the Pastor Ted-and-Mike story when the local “alternative” paper (run by a gay person, I’m told) refused do so. Cool guy and always has been. Told me they auctioned off Mike’s massage table as a benefit for Project Angel Food, the AIDS food delivery service. Keep hoping I’ll run into Mike on the road. His book is out now. Great title: “I Had to Say Something.” Hustlers, for my money, do far more good than pastors.

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