Monday, April 13, 2009

Maupin's Blog

When Armistead released "Michael Tolliver Lives", he began blogging on his website. Those blogs are no longer listed, so I thought I would add them over the next couple of days. Unfortunately, I do not have the original dates of these articles, but will post them chronologically. (1 of 3)

A steel-gray sea and green, green fields as our train follows the cliffs of the Scottish coast. Lovely day yesterday seeing a matinee of Ian McKellen’s “King Lear” in Newcastle — three-and-a-half hours long and utterly riveting. Wept like a baby when Lear holds Gloucester in his arms. Ian came to my signing at Waterstone’s, four doors down from the theatre. Had the crowd sing Happy Birthday to old chum Alison Barrow, publicist from Transworld. C and I joined Ian and John Lahr for a late dinner at The Living Room. John doing a New Yorker piece on Ian for The New Yorker. Late night drinks with the RSC at the Northern Men’s Club, when C was smitten with Frances Barber (Goneril). Sylvester McCoy was there too, so the club was thrilled to have Gandalf and Dr. Who under same roof.

Catching up: Stunning venue in Liverpool: the Small Concert Hall of St George’s Hall, where Dickens did readings. All gilt and cream, like performing inside of a wedding cake. I was first gig there since its restoration. Charming MTF, “playing the surgery card” came to the head of the autograph line with her post-operative caretaker. Asked me to sign her book “In the spirit of Anna Madrigal.” Also a sweet young transman who thanked me for Jake Greenleaf. Lot of straight folks too, even a father and son.

Travel note: the Anglican Bishop of Carlisle (my grandfather’s hometown) has decreed that the recent flooding here is God’s revenge on Britain for being lenient on homosexuals (e.g. letting them marry). Must explain why rain is following us EVERYWHERE.

On a positive note: Britain banned smoking in public places the day we arrived so dining here is a much more pleasant experience. Also there’s a brand-new prime minister, Gordon Brown.

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