Tuesday, September 30, 2008

Maupin at City Lights

I am just curious, did anyone get a chance to see Armistead Maupin at City Lights in San Francisco discussing Isherwood's "Berlin Stories"? I am sure this was a great event and would have loved to been in attendance. Post a comment if you attended. I would love to hear from you!

Armistead Maupin
Tuesday, September 30, 2008, 7 pm

discussing and reading from
the newly re-released edition of
The Berlin Stories
by Christopher Isherwood
published by New Directions
(introduction by Armistead Maupin)

This event is free - tickets are required

Tickets available at the front counter of City Lights Bookstore

First published in the thirties, The Berlin Stories contains two related novels, The Last of Mr. Norris and Goodbye to Berlin, which are recognized today as classics of modern fiction.

Isherwood magnificently captures 1931 Berlin: charming with its avenues and cafes; marvelously grotesque, with its nightlife and dreamers; dangerous, with its vice and intrigue; powerful and seedy, with its mobs and millionaires--this was the period when Hitler was beginning his move to power.

The Berlin Stories is inhabited by a wealth of characters: the unforgettable Sally Bowles, whose misadventures were popularized on the American stage and screen by Julie Harris in I Am a Camera and by Liza Minnelli in Cabaret; Mr. Norris, the improbable old debauchee caught between the Nazis and the communists; plump Fraulein Schroeder, who thinks an operation to reduce the scale of her Buste might relieve her heart palpitations; and the distinguished and doomed Jewish family, the Landauers.

Christopher Isherwood (1904-1986), perhaps the first major openly gay writer to be read extensively by a wider audience, was one of the most distinguished authors of the twentieth century. His literary friendships encompassed such writers as W.H. Auden, Truman Capote, E.M. Forster, Somerset Maugham, Stephen Spender, and Tennessee Williams.

Armistead Maupin is the author of nine novels, including the six-volume Tales of the City series, Maybe the Moon, The Night Listener and, most recently, Michael Tolliver Lives. Three miniseries starring Olympia Dukakis and Laura Linney were made from the first three novels in the Tales series. The Night Listener became a feature film starring Robin Williams and Toni Collette. Maupin lives in San Francisco with his husband, Christopher Turner.


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