Wednesday, January 23, 2008

Scissor Sisters/Avenue Q Geniuses to Adapt Tales of the City for Stage

Jake ShearsA project I am unequivocally excited about! Jake Shears of the band the Scissor Sisters is teaming with Jeff Whitty, who wrote the book for the Broadway hit Avenue Q, to bring Armistead Maupin's Tales of the City to the stage.

The two former NYC go-go boys are pals, and Jeff sent Jake a note a year ago asking what he thought of the book series. "They were a big part of my teenager-hood," Jake told Spinner. "They're just great, great books with amazing characters and I love the era. My heart just started racing. I got very excited about it." Jake his written fifteen songs for the project since.

In 2004, Armistead told the San Fransisco Chronicle that he wanted musician Rufus Wainwright to be the one to adapt his seven-book series, which examines the lives of San Fransiscans in the 70s and 80s. That, admittedly, would also have been quite cool. But—Scissor Sisters! Avenue Q! Statistically, there is no chance that this isn't going to rock.

Many people are most familiar with the television versions of the Tales, starting with the 1993 UK adaptation that became a PBS staple.

Who can forget Olympia Dukakis's Anna Madrigal revealing—via Scrabble tiles!—that she is a post-op transsexual? Jake needs to write a whole number around that, with can-canning Scrabble tiles and pyrotechnics. It would be great for right before intermission.

It is unknown whether Jeff's involvement means we can expect gay puppet sex.

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